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IT Support Services

In need of technical support but can't afford a full-time IT staff? We offer a diverse range of services to home users as well as small-to-medium sized businesses and we are available whenever a problem occurs.

Our services include:

- Installation, upgrading, and troubleshooting for hard drives, CD/DVD drives, system memory, video cards, printers, scanners and more
- Finding and repairing problems to get your computer running stably and securely

- All recent Windows operating systems supported such as 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP
- Cleaning and optimizing your system to get it running at its best
- Installation and troubleshooting for a wide range of additional software such as imaging software (Adobe products), office software (MS Office and Open Office, Outlook, Outlook Express, and others), video editing software, and games.

We also offer consultations to help you decide what would be best to invest in when you are ready for new software.

- Planning, installation and troubleshooting of wired and wireless network solutions for internet connection; file and print sharing
- Network security to keep your data safe
- Installation and troubleshooting of DSL, Cable, and telephone modems

Virus removal and repair
- Removal and repair of the damage caused by the worst viruses out there
- Installation of free software to keep you safe from new threats

Spyware/Adware removal
- Removing hidden programs that eat up system resources and slow down your computer
- Removal of the persistent pop-up ads caused by spyware and adware and free software to eliminate pop-ups permanently
- Free tools to keep your system clean

Data backup and recovery services
- Determine and setup a backup system solution that best suits your needs to keep your information safe
- Recovering lost data. If you have lost important data, we can help you get it back!! We can recover data from computers that cannot boot, hard drives that are corrupted, and we can even recover data that has been deleted.

Please contact us for additional information. We respond promptly to all inquiries.

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