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SD350 Digital Duplicator

SD 350 Digital Duplicator NYCDon’t let the small size and small price of the SD350 fool you. This new duplicator from Standard is packed with benefits normally found on costlier high-end models.

  • Glass platen for easy book copying
  • Easy Color Printing Option
  • Great computer connection options.

Add in the traditional benefits of printing on a duplicator, such as low cost per copy, high print speeds and overall versatility, and you’ve found a great way to meet all your printing needs and save money.

SD370 Digital Duplicator

SD370 Digital Duplicator - NYThe new Standard SD370 digital duplicator enables all users to enjoy economy and versatility when printing images up to 11" x 17" in size. Color capability, envelope feed, and fast reliable computer connectivity make this a powerful performer for most any organizations' ongoing printing needs while not breaking the budget. Options such as a 50 sheet Automatic Document Feeder and Job Separator can be added to provide continuous printing at speeds of up to 120 sheets per minute.

SD420 Digital Duplicator

SD370 Digital Duplicator - NYThe Standard SD420 Digital Duplicator makes high-quality 400-dpi printing fast, easy and more affordable than ever. At print speeds up to 120 sheets per minute, its high-speed productivity, impressive sharp image quality and low-cost prints make the SD420 an exceptional 11" x 17" format printing solution. Organizations with a limited budget will see that the SD420 sets a perfect balance between print quality, operator features, productivity and economy to meet their demanding requirements. No other comparably priced digital duplicator has as much to offer.

SD450 Digital Duplicator

SD370 Digital Duplicator - NYSuperior print quality and other technological breakthroughs are the mark of the SD450 Digital Duplicator. Instead of a press roller, this system uses a press cylinder to provide a larger paper press point, ensuring more consistent solid fill. An innovative Paper Gripping Mechanism firmly holds the paper, greatly enhancing accuracy of registration. A new ink system monitors the ink flow to deliver faster drying time and reduced setoff. And what may be the biggest improvement in any model of this class is that it has two distinct paper separation systems installed. One for feeding normal weight cut sheet stocks, and a second for feeding thicker more difficult stocks such as envelopes. Each feed array is selected at the touch of a button, it doesn't get any easier or more efficient. All this comes with the world’s fastest first-copy time for a duplicator: less than 12 seconds.

SD622 Digital Duplicator

SD370 Digital Duplicator - NYThe Standard SD622 provides unprecedented productivity and quality for two-color in one-pass digital duplicator printing. Functioning as an accessory to the 600dpi SD630 and 400dpi SD400, the SD622 allows any operator to precisely control the position of both images on the final copy.

Digital control does not stop with image positioning. No longer will time be lost searching for levers and controls at both ends of the printer. The SD622 enables the operator to control paper feed and output settings right from the control panel.

Unlike traditional single color duplicators, the SD622 is printing both color images in one pass, improving output capability by more than 100%. Achieve additional time saving and convenience with the Standard SD622 as it is no longer necessary to jog and re-load the sheets to add a second color.

As the SD622 is an accessory, images are generated on the host duplicator at 600dpi (SD630) or 400dpi (SD400). Once images are created, the SD622 runs at speeds up to 120 sheets per minute. The host duplicator is free to operate for other jobs, or to add a third color to any document. Now that gives a totally new meaning to productivity in printing.

SD650 Digital Duplicator

SD370 Digital Duplicator - NYThe latest addition to Standard's line of digital duplicators is the exciting new SD650. The SD650 sets the benchmark for quality among 600dpi resolution digital duplicators, using its high-density inks and a precision inking system, the Standard SD650 brings continues to lead the way for quality printing. Incorporating "gripper cylinder" technology, the SD650 reliably prints sizes up to 11 x 17, at speeds of up to 120 sheets per minute on a wide range of stocks including envelopes and carbonless papers.

With push-button control, any operator can set machine parameters to accommodate even the most difficult of print jobs - even envelope printing without requiring expensive accessories or valuable set-up time. The SD650 has many built in features including a glass platen, automatic image rotation and on-board document storage.

The SD650 also offers a new way to get connected. In addition to offering a choice between GDI and PS print interfaces, the new SD80 Embedded PS3 Network Controller can be added as well giving the operator total control over jobs being printed, right from their desktop.

Color printing in an instant. Color drum units can be changed out in mere seconds to add color to any document in separate passes, or add the SD622 the two-color in one-pass accessory for the ultimate in highly productive two-color printing. And color printing is not limited to just standard colors, virtually any color can be matched and replicated.

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