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Did you know that 90% of companies Dont have a document out put stratagy - We can create one for you to save you money!

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Postage Scales

flexiscale 5
FP Flexi-5
Once you experience the precision of FP Mailing Solutions' FlexiScale-5 you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

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flexiscale 15
FP Flexi-15
For any sized business, the last thing you need to worry about is losing money on postage. Selecting the right postage scale can make an immediate bottom-line difference.

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fp 5L
FP-5L/FP-5Li Five-Pound Scale
This five-pound scale combines the U.S.P.S. rates plus Canada and Mexico that you need.

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fp 15
FP-15 Fifteen Pound Scale
With fifteen-pound capacity and an easy connection to any FP meter, the FP-15 is right for any mailer who sends packages as well as letters.

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fp 30
FP-30 Thirty Pound Scale
This heavy duty, thirty-pound capacity scale is perfect for any mailer who sends large packages as well as letters.

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fp 70
FP-70 Seventy Pound Scale
From simple letters to heavy packages, the FP-70 offers the right mix of accuracy and durability.

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fp 150
FP-150 One Hundred and Fifty Pound Scale
For your heaviest packages, the FP-150 handles up to 150 pounds.

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